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Need help with your pet? Need answers now and want to ask a veterinarian a question about your pet? Then contact ASK.Vet to get answers NOW!  Set up an account now to text in real time with a Licensed Veterinarian.


Eastwick Apothecary- Need a luxury gift?  Would you like to treat yourself to spa products?  Maybe your hands seem dry when knitting.  Check out Eastwick Apothecary for their wide selection of skin care products.


Would you like to add some sparkle to your fiber?  Maybe you would like to try your hand and creating beautiful necklaces and matching earrings.   Look no further than Fire Mountain Gems.  They have it all and things you would not have even thought of.  Let your creative juices flow check out their site today.


OXBOW Animal Health has great products to help keep your Rabbit or Guinea Pigs and other small and furry pets healthy.

Rabbit Care Guide

Guinea Pig Care Guide




Thank you! to Carina for allowing us to use a few of her photographs of her wonderful Satin Angoras in Sweden.  You can see more photographs on her site


Do you have problems with flies or mosquitoes?  Do you have odor problems around your farm?  Check out the solutions for non-chemical fly control that really works!

Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Knit, Crochet, Spin, Draw, Gardening, Baking, Cake decorating Craftsy has a class for that! Learn it, Make it NOW!


Rowan Knitting

Rowan subscriptions: Rowan produces a great book with wonderful pictures of the patterns for subscriptions see this link!


 Learn to ARM KNIT

Do you need to stop arm knitting because you really need to go someplace?  Here is a nifty way demonstrated in this video to stop in the middle and hold your stitches for later.

Another Web Site that may Interest Angora Rabbit Breeders and Owners



Helpful Rabbit Links



Classic Carders

Classic Carders are made in Great Britain from hard woods.  The Classic Carder I purchased is beautifully finished with sheep on the side.  The carders are high quality and will card many miles of fiber.  Check them out they will ship to the US, and when the exchange rate is favorable they are less expensive than other carders.

Check out their web site and all the carder accessories


Tuliwood Carder, Classic size
This is the JUMBO version, Same High Quality Wood and Construction


fight breast cancer


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